Name Adalbert - Meaning and origin

Name Adalbert - Meaning and origin

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Meaning of the name:

Adalbert is a masculine given name of Germanic origin. It comes from the terms "adal" or "edel" and "berht" which mean respectively "noble" and "brilliant".


Adalbert Ferdinand Berenger of Hohenzollern is a prince of Prussia known to have been a brilliant man and a favorite of political circles.
Adalbert Stifter is an Austrian painter, writer and professor. He is known for his style influenced by the great Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe who allowed him to impose an original German neo-classicism, of remarkable purity.
Adalbert de Vogüé is a French Benedictine. Also a historian of monasticism, his fame was made thanks to the publication of his work on the monastic movement in antiquity.
St. Adalbert of Prague was bishop of Prague in the tenth century. He died as a martyr when he wanted to convert the Baltic tribes of Prussia to Christianity.

His character :

Adalbert is a gentle, calm, reserved, secret and thoughtful being, while being open to others, altruistic and sociable. He enjoys spending time alone studying and meditating in search of the deepest truth. Attracted by the unknown and the difficulty, he hates the monotony. He does not hesitate to embark on the adventure as soon as an opportunity arises. Stubborn, when Adalbert has an idea in his head, nothing can stop him. He will mobilize all his energy to reach his goal.


Albert, Aubert, Adalberht and Adalbrecht.

His party :

Like St. Adalbert of Prague, the Adalbert are celebrated on April 23.

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