Name Abelard - Meaning and origin

Name Abelard - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Ancient, French, Hebrew, Originals

Meaning of the name:

The name Abelard has its roots in the Latin word "abel" derived from Hebrew "hevel" or "havel" which means "breath", "breathing".
It is also a name derived from "abelnom", from Hebrew "hebel" referring to the son of Adam and Eve, Abel.
Abelard is also a Germanic variant of the names Ebelhard or Eberhard which means "high birth".


The most famous Abelard in history was a Christian philosopher and theologian known as Pierre Abelard, Abailard or Abeilard in the twelfth century. It inspired the story of the play "Heloise and Abelard" (1947), telling the story of a thwarted love. Abelard will be castrated for seducing and secretly marrying the beautiful Heloise.
Another Abelard? Abelard de Barth, mathematician and philosopher of the twelfth century.

His character :

Not only philosophers, wise and thoughtful, the Abelards also have an enigmatic character, sometimes difficult to grasp. Always looking for answers to existential questions, they know how to use humor or irony. You will not risk being bored !


Abellard, Abeilard, Abeillard, Abelardo, Ebelard, Ebellard

His party :

The Abelards are celebrated on August 5th with Abel. Of Scottish origin, Saint Abel de Lobbes was Archbishop of Reims in the time of Charles Martel.

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