Name Abelino - Meaning and origin

Name Abelino - Meaning and origin

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Origin of first name:

Hebrews, Portuguese

Meaning of the name:

Abelino is a Portuguese derivative of the first name "Abel" which has Assyrian or Hebrew origins.
From his Hebrew origins, Abel comes from hebelwhich means steam, fragility or evanescence. The Assyrian origin habel means "son".


No Abelino is famous until today. Your marvel will perhaps become the first?

His character :

Abelino is someone very reliable. Not only can you count on him and trust him, but he always takes the initiative. Leader in the soul, he likes to take control of operations and we can be sure of the result. Stoic, he demonstrates an angel's patience in any situation. Abelino hardly ever gets angry. He has a perfect mastery of himself.

Strong and courageous, this boy does not let down by the vagaries of life. His great sensitivity always pushes him towards others and makes him a listening and understanding person.

Abelino is fundamentally honest, especially to those close to him. Thoughtful, Abelino takes the time to think carefully before doing anything.

In addition to his practical spirit, he is also a great sensitive person. He develops an increased awareness of what surrounds him. He is open-minded and enjoys relationships with others. In addition, he is someone creative.


Abed, Abel, Abelard, Abelardo, Abelia, Abelina, Abeline, Abelkader, Abella, Adelino, Amelino, Avelino, Isabelino, Anellino, Avellino, Bellino, Elino, Abeldina and Abelamio.

His party :

Abelino derives from Abel and is celebrated on August 5th.

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