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The toy library: the toy paradise

The toy library: the toy paradise

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A magical place where you can borrow games and toys or have fun on the spot? This is the toy library. This place entirely dedicated to the game allows children and adults to become familiar with this fun world. But not only !

The toy library, a place of socialization

  • The conviviality is at the rendezvous: Not only does your child discover many toys, but he also meets his friends and can bond with new friends around a game board.
  • The toy library is also a place where people come share with family a moment of complicity and a good part! Not too strong anyway because here, as in the library, respect for others is in order.

A place to play

  • At the toy library, everyone experiences what they like. Board games, assembly, imitation ... there is something for everyone, from the most classic to the most unusual. These are most often unknown to the general public and unearthed by the libraries that are committed to share them.
  • Regularly animations on specific themes (superheroes, circus, traditional games, etc.) are offered. An extra opportunity to play!

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