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Why not a little pot?

Why not a little pot?

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The discovery of new tastes is sometimes accompanied by funny grimaces in your baby. He even spits his discontent ... with his soup. Why not try the little pots?

  • You do not have to do "chores of pluches" to cook pots of soup until you're familiar with food.
  • The little pots are there for that. They offer your child a perfectly smooth consistency and a balanced flavor, studied to please him.

So do not be reluctant to offer these purées and compotes industrial, they are excellent provided you are attentive to certain rules:

  • Food in small jars is subject to strict standards concerning the contents of sodium, sucrose, proteins, but also pesticides and nitrates.
  • In addition, the manufacturers of infant nutrition have imposed, by mutual agreement, much safer requirements for moms than they were subjected to. Especially with regard to the purchase of raw materials.
  • If the pot does not make the "pop" or the "click" characteristic of the air call is that the closure was not sealed, the content is necessarily altered. Throw it without hesitation.
  • It is the same if the center of the capsule sinks when you exert your pressure when opening.
  • If you notice, when you buy, that the lid of the pot is pressed and its edge is slightly raised, rest it ... and take another.