Chicken, broccoli, potato, tajine-style ginger (Julie)

Chicken, broccoli, potato, tajine-style ginger (Julie)

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My son of 11 months and a half has been eating "spicy" (but not spicy) dishes for a long time. He loves it. Here is a recipe he likes a lot:


  • chicken breasts, onion, olive oil, ginger, salt, pepper, broccoli, potato, parsley, coriander


I cut the pieces of chicken and a little onion that I put back in a few drops of olive oil. Then I add ginger, a hint of salt and pepper and water, and I cook. Once the chicken is almost cooked, I add broccoli and potato (sometimes also a small piece of tomato) and I let it all cook (we can also add parsley and chopped fresh coriander). I mix then and baby can feast. This recipe can also be made with zucchini-potato or carrot-potato.