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Pot: 15 winning tips

Pot: 15 winning tips

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The layers are good, but it's long! You would like your toddler to abandon them and become clean. To put the odds on your side, follow our 15 tips to teach him the pot.

1. Respect his rhythm

  • In order for your toddler to become clean, the connections that allow the central nervous system to control the sphincters must be established. Before that, he urinates without thinking. Its bladder, the organ farthest from the brain, empties when it is full. Same for the stool: the sphincter of the rectum expands under the pressure of the feces. To teach him the pot, your child must be ready. On average, it is around 28 months that a child is clean during the day. Patience, it's for very soon!

2. Summer, a good season to become clean

  • If your child is ready to become clean, why not take advantage of sunny days to teach him the pot? At this time of the year, he can urinate if he feels the urge. So, take advantage of the heat to take off your diaper for a few hours.

3. How to proceed?

  • Offer him the pot, preferably after a meal. Explain that he can go when he feels the need. You can leave it in the room where your child is used to changing their diapers: the bathroom, for example. It will probably not work the first time ... a child does not become clean in a day! In general, he must want to become clean, be curious about this new experience with his body.
  • The school tells parents that it is mandatory for their child to be clean, but in fact, the little schoolboy is entitled to accidents, especially at the beginning. Extreme situations would have to be found in order for schooling to be called into question. If it is not quite clean before the start, what will help it is your confidence, during holidays for example, but certainly not stress. In consultation, when a pediatrician asks parents not to take care of the question of cleanliness, a child becomes clean in three weeks.

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