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Summer is the right time for quizzes! Holidays rhyme with decompression, enjoy small pleasures, take the time to love and also ensure safety. Take stock of your knowledge and learn tips to be Zen with our quizzes.

Help him withstand the heat

The heat ? Unbearable for your little one! What if he has less appetite, too hot at night? How to refresh it? How to react in case of heat stroke? All the answers with this quiz.

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Small hassle over the days

Cool, the holidays ... but not always without the hassle. Difficulties to get used to a new environment, dangers that threaten his security in a new house and other small accidents ... what to do? To find out, do our quiz.

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Have a good time together

Holidays are above all the pleasure of being together. What if he spends his time watching small animals? If your big one asks you to learn to read or your little one spends his time on the lap of his grandpa? Our quiz.

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Find the shape and ... forms

On which foods to bet at noon to be in shape? How many pounds will you take during your pregnancy? How to avoid the feeling of heavy legs? What sport do you practice with your darling? Our quiz 100% form.

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Breakfast, take your time!

Bread, cereals, milk of growth ... what is his breakfast at 2 years old? A croissant from time to time, it is possible? Are cereals too fat? To know everything about the breakfast of your holidays, test your knowledge.

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