Your baby 0-1 year

The nursery, a little piece of paradise!

The nursery, a little piece of paradise!

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It is important for your baby to become familiar with the community and socialize with other children. He needs it and you too! You have the right to pick up and pamper yourself without guilt. Why not register at the day care center?

What is the principle of a day care center?

  • Municipal or private, the drop-in center welcomes children from 0 to 6 years, most often for a maximum of three half-days per week. One of the parents must work part time or not work at all.

Daycare center: it socializes and you air yourself!

  • If you are not working or possibly part-time, the nursery is an occasional daycare that is perfectly adapted to your needs.
  • This type of care offers the advantage of developing your toddler's interaction with other children. He makes boyfriends and participates, according to his age, in the different activities: musical awakening, rhymes, paintings, games, snacks.
  • This place of stimulation and expression promotes the awakening and socialization of your child and allows you to oxygenate, to breathe a little.
  • The number of places, the schedules, the registration methods vary from one institution to another.
  • The drop-in center accepts your child from 4-6 months to 6 years old, up to three half days a week. Conditions vary by institution.
  • When choosing your drop-in center, formulate your expectations well, this will help you select one institution over another.

Daycare center: the least

  • The daycare center is a popular daycare. It is not easy to get a place there. Waiting lists are long for a limited number of places. Remember to book early enough to expect a place from one week to the next. Difficult to count on the daycare in case of unforeseen!
  • Remember that the schedules are strict, so punctuality is essential to get your child back.


  • This part-time reception structure for young children requires the same approvals and standards of safety, hygiene and supervision as full-time collective structures.
  • It can be either municipal or private.
  • It is the President of the General Council who, after the survey of maternal and child health services, the PMI, issues the operating license.
  • It is run by a state-qualified nursery nurse, surrounded by a team of qualified educators.
  • As for nurseries, the Caf, the Family Allowance Fund, partly finances the operation of these structures. Your participation is calculated based on your resources.
  • As with all childcare arrangements under the age of 6, you can claim a tax credit equal to 50% of the expenses paid for childcare.

More info on the Caf website:

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