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Talking to objects is normal?

Talking to objects is normal?

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Your child holds long speeches to his teddy bear, gives orders to his electric train, invective the table in which he has bumped ... Is it quite normal that he thus addresses the inert things?

"Inanimate objects, do you have a soul?" Asked the poet Alphonse de Lamartine. For your child, the answer is clear. Just hear him talk to his teddy bear or whisper secrets to his pillow to be convinced. He talks to objects as if they could think and understand it? This animist behavior is not alarming.

Why talk to objects?

Around 2-3 years old, your child considers that his familiar objects are part of the same world as him. He thinks, for example, that his teddy bear is another than him, therefore a living being.

  • Most often, it addresses objects with which it has a particular relationship: his comforter, his toys and soft toys are, of course, his main interlocutors, but it is also common to see him talking to his little everyday objects, his plate, his bed, his bedside lamp ...
  • It's not uncommon for him to talk to objects that resist him ! A child, spontaneously, will not ask a washbasin unless he has just bumped into it. He then manifests his desire for omnipotence by vigorously invoking "evil sink!" A useful and practical event.

He talks to objects? Know how to listen to it

  • Listening to her familiar objects allows you to learn a lotp on his fears and concerns. "You took a candy without my permission, you will be punished!" Through his teddy bear, your child replay the scene that has just unfolded with you. He goes from being a victim to being a commander. He channels his aggressiveness and it does him good!
  • Maybe he's trying to provoke you ? "It's not me who says big words, it's my locomotive." He tests your reaction after transgressing a forbidden.

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