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Daycare is not his thing!

Daycare is not his thing!

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Your child is reluctant to stay in daycare? Persevere! Do not forget to reassure him, to explain to him that you have all confidence in the team that takes care of him.

  • Every time you take her to daycare, your toddler cries and clings to you. You feel guilty to abandon him. You wonder if it's not too hard for him. On a case by case basis, the solutions.

His tears stop when you leave

  • Pediatric nurses are formal: just left, your child has fun like crazy! Would he seek to "manipulate" you? No, because there is nothing conscious about his attitude. He just has a hard time assuming the moment of separation. Perhaps on your side are you anxious? Nothing more communicative ...
  • What has to be done. Start by convincing yourself that these moments spent at the daycare are essential for you and your child. You learn to part smoothly, your toddler learns the joys of the group. In confidence, you will have less trouble to leave him ... and he to leave you.
  • What to tell him. "Did you like the puzzle you made?" Insist on the positive side of his afternoon.

He stays all afternoon in his corner

  • Some children have difficulty integrating into a group during their first community experiences. Yours may be a big shy person. Or it goes through a complicated period.
  • What has to be done. Despite these difficulties of adaptation, it is important to persevere. Read books about a similar problem: it will be reassuring to see that happens to other children. Go with him to the public garden of the neighborhood: he may meet some children from the daycare. Links can be woven, in another frame, under your benevolent eye.
  • What to tell him. "I know you'll enjoy this daycare, it just takes a little time."

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