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Oscar and the Rose Lady

Oscar and the Rose Lady

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Adapted from Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt's novel, Oscar and the pink lady evokes an unsustainable subject: the illness of a child. With a vibrant tribute to these ladies in pink that relieve the daily life of hospitalized children.

What is it about ?

  • This is the story of Oscar, a 10-year-old boy has leukemia. He has little time left to live. Neither the doctors nor his parents dare tell him the truth. Only a lady in pink, a little grumpy, speaks to him openly. To distract her, she offers him to live the rest of his life in ten days. Ten intense days where he will know the joy of a first love, the pain of passing time ... Between Oscar and Rose, a complicity is born, to life, to death.

What we like

  • From the first minutes, we focus on the Oscar character, played by Amir. He knows how to be both funny, moving and perfectly accurate. In front of him, Michele Laroque, in pink lady, gives him the reply. At first reluctant, frightened at the disease, she ends up accompanying him and revealing treasures of generosity. The emotion is at its height when Oscar, in a last will, asks that all his favorite toys are transmitted to Rose.
  • Oscar and the pink lady, Eric-Emmanuel Schmitt. Duration: 1h 45. From 8 years old.
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Who are the pink blouses?

Men or women, 3,500 regularly trained volunteers strive to bring some comfort to hospitalized children. Their mission: to be attentive, to participate in the games, in short to give back the taste of living. Pink blouses are present in 167 cities and operate in nearly 400 hospitals.

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