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Tuesday morning fever

Tuesday morning fever

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Today, Sam, one of the toddlers of which Super Nanny cares, is ill and suffers from an ear infection. Since he is not contagious, his mother dropped him, without risk of contaminating the other children. but how to relieve Sam and reduce his fever? Super Nanny decides to give him a bath.

  • It is a crumpled ball of pain that Jeanne has deposited this morning before, tense and unhappy, to join her class downtown. As a teacher, she starts with her students a project that makes her presence indispensable. I felt in her voice that she was relieved to be able to trust me ...
  • "I'm calling you if it's really not right," I promised when I received the medications and the doctor's prescription she had seen the day before. Otitis. Affection not contagious, so I can accommodate Sam. He triturates his Nours as if the stuffed was numbing. It hurts, so everyone is hurting for him. A caress on his forehead tells me he is still feverish. I take her temperature while Tristan and Bambi stick to my legs in the bathroom.
  • "He has bobo Sam?" Bambi asks. The crying of the little patient is an eloquent answer. As for the thermometer, it announces 39.1 ° C.
  • "We're going to give him a bath, children, you help me, you'll be the doctors!" Even aware of the little effect the dip will have on Sam's fever, I open the faucets and place another thermometer at the bottom of the tub. The guy loves water. "Tristan, you'll tell me when it's 37.1 ° C, right?" "Yes Pati." And Tristan plays the boat that defies Niagara Falls.
  • "You, Bambi, can you prepare me for angling?" Very smart, the girl brings back the kit a minute later. When the bath is at a good temperature, I carefully deposit the patient and invite my medical students to go out. "He must not get upset, Sam. When he comes out, you can go fishing, you promise!"

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