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Do we visit Choco-Story?

Do we visit Choco-Story?

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We all agree: chocolate, pleasure food, deserves a museum! It's done, Choco-Story opens its doors in the 10th district of Paris. To visit with your big ones from 6 years old ...

What is the origin of chocolate, how did it land in Europe? Is white chocolate also a chocolate? With nearly 10,000 objects listed, this gourmet museum traces in three stages 4000 years of chocolate history.

For your children from 6 years

  • Let's say it all, it will not pack your youngest gourmands who only want one thing: taste the shock '! Even if you are invited to compare white, black or milk chocolates of different origins, the museum is a bit serious. On the other hand from 6 years old, and if you take the time to explain the images to your children, they will be able to enter the heart of the subject: to look on the map where are the cocoa trees, to wonder about the Mayan rites, the meeting between the Aztec emperor and Hernando Cortes, and yet break through the manufacturing secrets of a certain Mr. Lindt ...

A workshop for a group of children

  • The workshop can be an original output idea, provided you have a small group of at least 10 children around 6-9 years old. They will be invited to make a drawing of dark chocolate and milk and "beggars", these treats with dried fruits.
  • The participation is 15 € per child and also allows the free visit of the museum ...

Practical information

Information on or Entrance to the museum: adult: 9 €, child 6 €, free before 6 years.

Agnes Barboux