Baby's nose

Baby's nose

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Little bit of nose a little taken? Before rhinitis sets in, Pauline, mother of Amandine, 4 months, takes things in hand. To blow up her daughter, she knows the right things.

The nose: the video

Baby Moucher (5 pics)

Daily, a small toilet

As Pauline learned in the maternity ward, she cleans Amandine's nose at the time of her daily toilet.
Pauline rolls a small piece of cotton in the shape of a wick and soaks it with physiological serum.
A hand passed under the back of her daughter's neck, to prevent her from getting too agitated, Pauline inserted the wick into a nostril, turning slowly, without introducing it too deeply.
Same thing for the other nostril with a second wick and here's a little clean nose.

Nose a little caught? Washing that relieves

A small cold is coming, Amandine's nose begins to flow. The simple toilet is no longer enough to clear his nasal cavity.
Pauline adopts a more effective technique: she extends Amandine by holding her head to one side. It is important for the child to have his head elevated with a folded towel.
Pauline puts her hand under the back of her daughter's neck and instills a stream of physiological saline into the nostril of the top. She is waiting to see the serum drain through the other nostril to wipe it with a tissue.
Pauline does the same thing on the other side and then lifts her daughter's head, lets the rest of the serum flow and wipes it off. Phew, it's over.

Stuffy nose ? Quick, the baby fly

This time no doubt, Amandine breathes whistling and his nose is really clogged. No way to leave her so uncomfortable, Pauline will use a fly-baby.
She instills saline into her daughter's nostril, as well as into the wash.
But the fluid does not circulate between the nostrils, it introduces the tip of the baby-fly in the nostril of Amandine and sucks the secretions, either with the end of the small pipe of a fly-baby classic, or by putting walk the suction of an electric model.
Same thing for the other nostril. Amandine can finally breathe through the nose.

Little tenderness

Like all babies, Amandine does not appreciate that her mother is caring for her nose. Yet his regular attentions help to limit ENT infections.
To give him a smile, Pauline starts by giving him a little moisturizer or sweet almond oil on the tip of the nose: a good way to prevent irritation.

And now, it's over!

She then takes her daughter in her arms for a big hug repairer. A few sweet words, a little song ... and emotions are quickly forgotten.


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