Kindergarten-primary: all that helps them succeed

Kindergarten-primary: all that helps them succeed

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Summary of the newsstand file on August 29

The keys to academic success

  • Like all parents, you want your child to succeed in school. It depends on you too! Dr. Stéphane Clerget, psychiatrist and author of Succeed in school: a question of love?, Advises you on the right attitudes to adopt.

Extracurricular activities, pleasure first!

  • Well chosen, an activity can flourish your child. The point of view of the psychologist Béatrice Copper-Royer.

With maths ... Play, it's won!

  • Too hard, maths? It's more of a game for your child and even a highlight since a young age. On the condition of letting him, precisely, discover them while playing. Interview with Anne Siety, educational psychologist.

Stop the homework crisis!

  • Homework after school can turn sour too? Sometimes it's you who crack. Other times, it's your child! Let's look for the mistake ... and the solutions!

In the library

  • A selection of books that will give wings and confidence to little schoolchildren.

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