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How does the family crèche work?

Parents of a toddler, many modes of custody are proposed to you for your child. The family nursery offers your child a more personalized welcome, with two or three children per maternal assistant. How does the family crèche work?

  • The family crèche brings together a network of maternal assistantss, employed by the municipality or by an association, which welcome children from 2 months and a half to 4 years at home.
  • The family nursery is under the direction of a pediatric nurse to advise childminders and ensure the well-being of children. The nursery director also sets up training courses to develop the skills of childminders.

The benefits of family crèche

  • The child enjoys a more personalized welcome, he is kept at the same time as one or two other children in the home of the maternal assistant. The nursery also organizes collective times. The children find themselves in specially arranged places and can practice painting, music or even psychomotor activities. Schedules are more flexible and can be better adapted to parents' schedules.

The inconvenients

  • The reception is done at the home of the maternal assistantthe games and space provided for children is therefore smaller than in a collective nursery.

How much does it cost ?

  • In case of reception of the child in family day care, the price of the guard is calculated according to the parents' income:
  • Parents can also benefit from tax benefits. Inquire about

How to register your child?

  • The childcare service of the Town Hall manages the registrations in nursery. The demand is during pregnancy (the month of pregnancy varies according to the municipality). Parents must make a file consisting of the following documents:
  • The maternity notebook or, if the child is already born, a birth certificate or the family book.
  • Two proofs of residence.
  • Pay slips for the last three months.
  • Your tax return for the current year.
  • Registration is then confirmed at the birth of the child, by sending a birth certificate.

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