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The hunt for grains of sand

The hunt for grains of sand

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Playing with sand, a real treat for your baby. But when some grains come to nest in sensitive places (eyes, mouth, buttocks, nose ...), it's not funny at all. Our advice to eliminate these ugly grains of sand.

Sand in the mouth

To warn him against the inconvenience of these small grains which bite under the tooth is useless ... until your baby has tasted the sand himself, he will not believe you. Around 12 months, he wears everything in his mouth.

  • Try to make him spit out a maximum.
  • Wet a tissue and clean the inside of her mouth. The experience was really not funny, it will not start again soon (whatever ...).

Sand in the eye

  • First of all, prevent him from rubbing his eyes: he could get angry.
  • Thoroughly rinse the cornea with fresh water or physiological saline (salty substance whose composition is close to that of tears).
  • Using a moistened sterile pad (phy serum or mineral water), clean from the inner corner of the eye near the nose to the outer corner.
  • Change the compress when you switch to the other eye.
  • Let your toddler cry if he is still embarrassed: his tears will finish chasing the last grains of sand.

Sand in the nose

Sand in the nostrils is perhaps the most unpleasant.

  • Wipe the biggest with a bath towel. If your baby is over 2 years old, help him blow his nose (before this age, he is unable to blow through his nose).
  • Take cotton, if you are at home, or roll a small cloth handkerchief to make a wick that you soak with saline.
  • Stroke around the inside of the nostrils by turning to detach all the small foreign bodies.
  • Be careful, do not push the cotton too far and change it for each nostril.
  • Repeat the operation several times if necessary.

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