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Stomach ache, what is it hiding?

Stomach ache, what is it hiding?

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Mom, my stomach hurts ... Behind this little sentence, he can hide some responsible! Constipation, flu, a little annoyance ... Who is the culprit? Dr. Nathalie Polo, pediatrician, helps you to take stock.

  • In a child, abdominal pain is a common symptom. In the majority of cases, they reflect a transient digestive problem or an infection. Sometimes again, they are linked to a daily nuisance.

He has a digestive problem

  • Constipationot is a source of pain. If your child does not have a good bowel movement, change his diet: often too rich in protein, fast sugars and too low in fiber, it is necessary to rebalance it. What to do ? Give it fiber (green fruits and vegetables) and reduce protein (meat, fish, eggs) and quick sugars (biscuits and sweets).
  • He does not support a food well, can be the milk of the breakfast? If you notice that these stomachaches always appear in the morning, you are surely on the right track. What to do ? Try it: replace it with a plain yoghurt, for example.
  • Il refuses to eat. Meals often trigger real abdominal crises, especially in children who feel obliged to finish their plate or who is presented with a dish that he does not appreciate. Make no mistake, her pain is real. What to do ? Do not insist, postpone a new tasting.

He is suffering from an infection

  • Abdominal pain is often related to viral infection (flu-like condition, angina, nasopharyngitis, etc.) It is the ganglia present at the level of the belly that hurt him.
  • Your child may also suffer from intestinal infection, in connection with gastroenteritis or repeated antibiotic treatments.
  • What to do ? Consult the doctor.

He has parasites

All children are carriers of parasites one day. Well tolerated most of the time, they can cause abdominal pain.

  • Pinworms, the most common. They are easily seen: they are small white and mobile filaments visible in the stool. They cause itching in the anus.
  • Taenia saginata contaminates the child through poorly cooked beef.

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