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Make him accept the spoon

Make him accept the spoon

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Essential step of the autonomy of your baby, learning the teaspoon requires a lot of patience. If you find that it's easier said than done, follow the guide.

The spoon, when to propose it?

  • You can start offering a teaspoon to your baby as early as 5 or 6 months when your baby has switched to a diverse diet.
  • Make several attempts a few days apart, without ever forcing. To get him used to this new object, preferably choose a meal where your apprentice eater is in a happy mood (therefore no longer available) and in appetite. Hunger helping, he will be more inclined to try the experiment.
  • That said, be aware that Breastfed children more easily accept this novelty than those bottle-fed.

Which spoon to choose?

  • The plastic models are less cold than metal ones.
  • Choose it small and check that the contours are rounded.
  • Do not worry if your baby, surprised, spits out his first spoonful and burrows his fingers in the mouth. He needs time to get used.
  • Little tip: give him a spoon too, so that he can practice holding it in his hand and, why not, try to pick it up on the plate.

The spoon, with what to put it in appetite?

  • One food at a time to get used to it as well with the spoon as new flavors.
  • For his first tests, preferably choose a well-blended puree or fondant foods such as cooked carrot, banana or applesauce ... tastes that he likes and that he will assimilate more easily to the teaspoon.
  • Good to know : to limit the damage, plan a plastic bib, unbreakable dishes, wipes, a sponge ...

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